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  • 21-10-2021 - v3.6.2
    [bugfix] now you can type the minus symbol for negative temperatures on Firefox (tnx to Jérome and Denis H.).
  • 03-10-2021 - v3.6.1
    [feature] support for differente fleet speed depending on flight mission type;
    [feature] added research event checkbox to Researches costs and times tool (tnx to Simon F.);
    [feature] updated server presets.
  • 14-07-2021 - v3.6.0
    [feature] support for Alliance Class introduced by OGame v8.0.0;
    [feature] enhanced Empire Optimizer in order to cache values and to consider the resource production time.
  • 27-03-2021 - v3.5.3
    [feature] added new colony options to the new tool Empire Optimizer in order to calculate the correct production;
    [bugfix] fixed building energy cost (tnx to cannolo cattivo).
  • 21-03-2021 - v3.5.1
    [feature] added a new option to the new tool Empire Optimizer in order to consider the development time.
  • 13-03-2021 - v3.5.0
    [feature] added the new tool Empire Optimizer in order to support and optimize the empire development.
  • 12-03-2021 - v3.4.3
    [bugfix] corrected the Research Lab and Net settings (tnx to MeredithGrey);
    [bugfix] corrected the research speed presets of each universe.
  • 24-12-2020 - v3.4.2
    [feature] added Turkish language (tnx to GhosT BusteR).
  • 02-10-2020 - v3.3.2
    [feature] SSL certificate activated for a more secure navigation.
  • 26-09-2020 - v3.3.1
    [bugfix] fixed issue with input-box and right sidebar on mobile devices (tnx to JeanGrey).
  • 25-09-2020 - v3.3.0
    [feature] updated to the latest version of OGame [7.5.0]: classes rebalancing;
    [bugfix] now it is allowed to input the "-" key.
  • 10-06-2020 - v3.2.0
    [feature] Flights: added a selector for the mission duration, in order to allow expedition simulation;
    [bugfix] Flights: now it is allowed to insert planet slot 16 (tnx to Didier).
  • 10-05-2020 - v3.1.0
    [feature] added selector for loading server presets.
  • 11-04-2020 - v3.0.9
    [feature] added support for energy amplifier (tnx to N8 DawG).
  • 02-04-2020 - v3.0.8
    [bugfix] corrected the effect of the military technologies on the integrity/armor/weapon calculation of fleets/defences (tnx to Robert).
  • 31-03-2020 - v3.0.7
    [bugfix] fixed the minimum time required to produce fleet/defence (tnx to Lorenzo).
  • 25-03-2020 - v3.0.6
    [bugfix] fixed Crawler energy conspumption (tnx to Luigi);
    [bugfix] fixed cargo ships calculus inside Commerce page (tnx to Paolo).
  • 24-03-2020 - v3.0.5
    [bugfix] fixed a serious translation issue that avoided page load on several languages (tnx to Daniel).
  • 23-03-2020 - v3.0.4
    [feature] the Commanding Staff setting can be changed;
    [bugfix] the Collector class affects Small Cargo properties (tnx to Paolo);
    [bugfix] fix sidebars issue on mobile phone.
  • 22-03-2020 - v3.0.2
    [feature] the planet position affects the Crystal Mine production;
    [bugfix] corrected localization issue on the Commerce page (tnx to Paolo);
    [bugfix] corrected Ion Cannon costs.
  • 21-03-2020 - v3.0.0
    Full website redesign in order to be more usable and compliance with the latest version of OGame [7.2.1].
    - use the top left button to show/hide the menu sidebar;
    - use the top right button to show/hide the settings sidebar that contains all global settings used by the tools (don't worry: all of these will be cached by your browser, so you can set it once).
  • 29-06-2015 - v2.52
    Flight duration, Interplanetary missiles range and Sensor phalanx range tools compatibility with Circular Universe
  • 13-03-2015 - v2.51
    Update for recycler's engines
  • 14-05-2013 - v2.50
    Support for field initialization by url params.
    Take a look here for more informations: /o-tools/en/parameters/
  • 17-11-2012 - v2.20
    New calculation engine: more efficient, more compatibility;
    Tools rewritten:
    - resources exchange
    - colony production
  • 01-04-2012 - v2.00

    New tools:
    - resources commerce
    - intergalactic research network ( tool + box on researches page )

    new toolsresearch network

    Other news:
    - input functionality for improved insertion: use UP-DOWN arrows to increase/decrease input value; press SHIFT at the same time to multiply the increment effect

    input box

    - technologies and buildings levels store functionality: you can type the values in one page only to obtain it by default on next pages. Save the complete page url to load all typed values in a second time

    levels store

    - social networks links


    - rewritten javascript code: more compatibility and too fast
    - graphic improvements

  • 07-12-2010 - v1.45
    Bug fixed on espionage tool; converted page's links in friendly url
  • 31-08-2010 - v1.40
    Resources transport module added to costs pages
  • 20-06-2010 - v1.35
    New page inclusion to ask o-tools support
  • 31-01-2010 - v1.30
    Support for french language
  • 26-11-2009 - v1.25
    Spy-report read form added
  • 24-11-2009 - v1.20
    Graphics improvements
  • 23-11-2009 - v1.15
    Full support for Redesign universe
  • 22-11-2009 - v1.10
    Support for various universe speed
  • 27-08-2009 - v1.05
    New tool added: Astrophysic. Added Astrophysic research. Improvements on Buildings and Researches costs pages
  • 14-07-2009 - v1.00
    Contact page writed
  • 22-06-2009 - v0.95
    New tool added: Flights duration
  • 18-06-2009 - v0.91
    News and Contact sections inserted
  • 07-06-2009 - v0.90
    New tool added: Expedition Technology
  • 06-06-2009 - v0.89
    Header image inserted
  • 26-05-2009 - v0.85
    Double language implemented (italian and english)
  • 20-05-2009 - v0.80
    Conversion from tabular hybrid layout to pure CSS layout
  • 07-05-2009 - v0.77
    Links about XHTML and CSS validation added
  • 03-05-2009 - v0.75
    New tool added: Colony production
  • 27-04-2009 - v0.70
    New tool added: Moon destruction
  • 20-04-2009 - v0.65
    New tool added: Graviton technology
  • 18-04-2009 - v0.60
    New tool added: Sensor phalanx range
  • 19-11-2008 - v0.55
    New tool added: Interplanetary missile range
  • 25-10-2008 - v0.50
    New tool added: Espionage technology
  • 07-10-2008 - v0.45
    New tool added: Defences properties
  • 25-09-2008 - v0.40
    New tool added: Fleet properties
  • 14-07-2008 - v0.35
    New tool added: Researches costs
  • 08-06-2008 - v0.30
    New tool added: Colony costs
  • 13-05-2008 - v0.27
    New tool added: Defences costs
  • 24-04-2008 - v0.24
    New tool added: Fleet costs
  • 16-04-2008 - v0.20
    First tool: Buildings costs
  • 13-03-2008 - v0.13
    Header and footer
  • 11-03-2008 - v0.11
    Navigation menu
  • 10-03-2008 - v0.10
    Conversion from pure XHTML to PHP+XHTML
  • 08-03-2008 - v0.09
    Page structure created