Calculator tool for your oGame empire development optimization

Instructions Enter the current master data of all your planets and the Plasma Technology and Astrophysic levels. You can use the "add planet" button to insert a new planet.
Conversion rates are needed in order to compare each upgrade with the others.
The yellow text indicates the best choice for the corresponding planet.
The yellow bordered cell indicates the best choice for your empire.
Notes * the costs and daily production gains are converted to deuterium
** the ammortization time is expressed in days
*** the production time is the time required to obtain the resources to perform an upgrade
Consider the development time Metal Kristal Deuterium
Consider the production time***
Planets Metal madden Kristal madden Deuterium sentezleyici
Galaksi Sistem Position
Plazma tekniği
Metal Kristal Deuterium Toplam
New colony Toplam
Metal Kristal Deuterium